Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bringing the fever down

Fevers are never fun.  Sam and I spent Monday morning running errands - shopping.  And he was such a good little guy and didn't even need to be bribed with a new Hot Wheel.  Then, on our ride home he started crying out saying he was feeling sick.  By the time we were home, his fever was spiking and he couldn't be comforted.  Poor thing.  It was awfully hard to make lunch for his sisters when he didn't want me to set him down. 

Throughout the day he got progressively worse.  He kept telling me he just wanted to go lay down.  Poor guy. By 8pm, he was at 103.6.  Yikes.  His face was bright red and totally on fire.  A couple of baths later, plenty of medicine and lots of snuggle time...his fever finally broke in the middle of the night. But not before I could snap this picture of him relaxing with his daddy.

Yesterday we went to the doctor because he kept telling us his mouth hurt, not his teeth, but his mouth.  So my guess was his throat.  The Dr. confirmed a severe sore throat complete with sores in the back of his throat.  We also left with an inhaler and breathing mask to check for possible asthma.  Not fun at all.  On an unrelated note, Sam is now just one pound less than Isabella.  They share the same shoe size and are only about 2 inches apart in height.  And they are 2 years apart!! 

Today Sam is feeling a bit better.  He's finally had enough energy to play with his cars for a little while (when he's not sitting on my lap snuggling!)  I'm hoping he starts to feel better soon because it's so hard to see your baby sick! 

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