Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Jesus,

Sometimes, Sam would rather play with his cars than come sit at the table for dinner.  And when that happens, it usually leads to a few tears as well.  Yesterday, at lunch, Sam did not particularly enjoy it when I took his two cars out of his hands and made him sit down to eat with us.  He was crying and when he cries the tear drops just flow.  He hates that!  He wipes and wipes until the drops are gone.  So he finally sat down at the table.  We prayed.  Then we began to eat.  Sam said, "I need to pray, I need to pray."  Then this followed.

"Dear Jesus,
Please help my tear drops not get on my clothes.  Amen."

And you know what?  I think God answered his prayer.  His clothes stayed clean.  He ate some of his lunch.  Then he got to play with his cars for a few minutes before nap time.  Good times!

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