Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confession #4

The other day I was watching Wipe Out with my kids.  It's pretty rare that they watch any tv.  We don't have cable and PBS doesn't reach us any more.  So, there's not much on for them.  Not watching tv means my kids also don't watch commercials.  I LOVE that!  They have no idea the products that are out there just waiting for them to nag me to buy.  But on this occasion, Anna saw a commercial for Pop Tarts.  We rediscovered Pop Tarts last summer in an effort to help them be a little more self-sufficient at breakfast time.  That's a lie.  I wanted to stay in bed as long as possible and found they could feed themselves Pop Tarts while I enjoyed the comfort of my bed. 

On this commercial, they showed Pop Tarts going into a toaster and coming out steamy.  Anna looked at me and said, "our Pop Tarts don't even have to be warm!"  Um, yep darling, keep believing that.  The poor kids have never had warm Pop Tarts.  Come to think of it, the way they enjoy oatmeal is equally pathetic.  I turn on the hot tap water, add it to the bowl of instant oatmeal, and walla!  Oatmeal's ready kids! 

So either I'm ridiculously lazy at breakfast time, depriving my children of some of life's great pleasures, or I'm a genius.  Either way, it's working for me so far!


  1. And you chose to watch Wipe Out?? lol No telling what those kids will be jumping off of now!!

  2. Ha ha! They LOVE it and think it's hillarious. At first they would play "wipe out" and slide off the couch and do things, but now they just settle in and watch it.

  3. Our kids love Wipe Out, too. I make oatmeal the same way (is there another way?) K doesn't like it and is at least able to reach the microwave herself now.