Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Revealing...

I should start with a disclaimer.  The pictures below may be a little too revealing for some of you.  Not inappropriate-revealing, just maybe too much of an insight into my real life.

I'd like to think that most of you imagine I have a nice and organized little home.  The fact remains that not all areas of my house are what anyone would call tidy.  But I've got a list.  And those areas are at least on a list to be straightened up.  There's hope, right?

Our girls have their clothes in two different closets.  Chris custom-built one of them to be shared.  But right now, they're a mess.  We're in that uncomfortable time of year where we're wearing some winter stuff and some spring stuff so the closets are a disaster.  I was going to straighten them up this weekend moving spring/summer stuff down to the bottom and putting their winter stuff up high.  But, it's chilly today and makes me think I should wait a little bit longer.

Seriously, it's not only the messiness that might shock you, but the sheer volume of clothes these kids have. 

Closet # 1. 
Sophia's stuff, age (almost 8), is on the right.  Her clothes (spring, summer, fall and winter) fit on the bottom rod.  Anna's (age 6) is on the left.  Considerably more clothes. Yes, I realize this closet is a disaster....but, I'm letting it go another day or two before I intervene.  Jeans are supposed to be nicely folded in the middle cubbies, with shoes below, but something happened.  Yep, my kids got involved. 

Closet #2.
Isabella (age 4 1/2).  Shocking, but the entire closet is filled with her clothes.  That's what happens when you're the third girl.  Sister # 1 passes clothes down to sister # 2, who gets more clothes at birthdays and Christmases and generally has a different fashion style.  Then you inherit both of their clothes, and add your own at birthdays and Christmases because it's nice to get a few new things too.  Then you put them all in your closet and it's a bit overwhelming!  Okay, it's ridiculously overwhelming.
Like I said, one 4-year-old girl's closet. 

So the plan as they enter their teen years will have to be one big closet of shared clothes.  They are going to have to be pretty close in size for several years I think since they are so close in age.  Here's hoping at least!


  1. Hon, this is an insight into all our lives, really. I worry about someone that has kids and everything has a place and everything is in it's place. Live life!! Michelle made a darling valance with some little girly dresses!

  2. I am all about Isabella's closet. I was I was her age and those were my dresses! I love girly girls!!!