Monday, February 16, 2015

This. Is. Snow.

Such an exciting day for our family!  We are getting snow.  Real snow.  Not just flurries, but accumulating snow.  We actually got about of foot of snow total!  So much fun!  

Kansas friends, there is no wind here.  The snow is falling down gently.  Down.  Not sideways.  Crazy right?  And while it's only 10 degrees outside, without the wind, it doesn't feel bad at all.  That means we can play in it for hours!  We were actually able to dig all of our snow gear out of the shed and put it to good use!  Here are a few pictures from our afternoon. 

Sledding on the small hill outside our church.  It worked perfectly! 

Because even adults have to have some fun...

Love the eyelashes!

And yes, sometimes you need to build a ramp at the top of your sledding hill.  What could possibly go wrong when you're sledding down a hill onto a parking lot?!