Sunday, December 1, 2013

The husband of the year award goes to....

Yesterday, after dinner, I suddenly realized that the center diamond of my wedding ring was missing.  I tried really hard not to freak out.  But all 6 of us started searching everywhere around the house for the missing diamond.  Picture the kiddos getting out their flashlights and looking all over.  Very helpful!

Earlier we had decorated the Christmas tree (with a lot of glittery ornaments).  So I had to sweep up the hard wood floors a couple of times.  I figured the very best bet was that my diamond fell in the kitchen trash can with all that sparkly glitter. 

I started looking in the trash bag.  I dug through everything and about 3/4 of the way I simply gave up.  I had come to the previous day's trash and frankly the bag was getting gross.  Like leftover ham and sweet potatoes from the kids' plates gross. I gave up completely.  I got on the phone to call my insurance company to start a claim.  But, Chris kept going through the trash.  And at the very bottom of all that grossness he found my diamond!!!

(This is how we felt)
Can you believe that?  And we can admit that as a broke college kid, he didn't have much money, so he was searching for a pretty small diamond in all that trash! He kept looking at and asking if that was really the diamond because it really did look pretty tiny outside of the setting.  So funny!   

I couldn't believe he actually found it.  I'm pretty sure he earned the husband of the year award - or at the very least a "get out of jail free" card for the next time he's in the dog house around here.  I'm feeling pretty blessed right now!