Sunday, December 1, 2013

The husband of the year award goes to....

Yesterday, after dinner, I suddenly realized that the center diamond of my wedding ring was missing.  I tried really hard not to freak out.  But all 6 of us started searching everywhere around the house for the missing diamond.  Picture the kiddos getting out their flashlights and looking all over.  Very helpful!

Earlier we had decorated the Christmas tree (with a lot of glittery ornaments).  So I had to sweep up the hard wood floors a couple of times.  I figured the very best bet was that my diamond fell in the kitchen trash can with all that sparkly glitter. 

I started looking in the trash bag.  I dug through everything and about 3/4 of the way I simply gave up.  I had come to the previous day's trash and frankly the bag was getting gross.  Like leftover ham and sweet potatoes from the kids' plates gross. I gave up completely.  I got on the phone to call my insurance company to start a claim.  But, Chris kept going through the trash.  And at the very bottom of all that grossness he found my diamond!!!

(This is how we felt)
Can you believe that?  And we can admit that as a broke college kid, he didn't have much money, so he was searching for a pretty small diamond in all that trash! He kept looking at and asking if that was really the diamond because it really did look pretty tiny outside of the setting.  So funny!   

I couldn't believe he actually found it.  I'm pretty sure he earned the husband of the year award - or at the very least a "get out of jail free" card for the next time he's in the dog house around here.  I'm feeling pretty blessed right now! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Because sometimes I just need a laugh...

There are days when I just need a good laugh.  Ministry is hard work.  Sometimes its emotionally draining work.  And there are days where I just need to laugh at something utterly ridiculous.  Well,  I've found something that every single time I look at it I laugh.  And not a cute giggle.  One of those ridiculous-over-the-top laughs.  So I want to share it with you - in case you're having one of those days too.

It's called the Power Nap Head Pillow.  And it's only $99.95. 

Awesome, right?   It says, "This is the head-enveloping pillow that blocks out noise and light to create a private zone for catching a quick power nap...The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet micro environment ideal for achieving a deep, restful sleep whether stranded in a crowded airport or recharging between meetings at work." 
You can purchase your very own Power Nap Head Pillow here. Or, you can just pull up the picture when you need a good laugh! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On Passing Notes in Church...

Sam is five now.  I have LOVED this age with all of my kiddos!  This summer he hit the stage that I really, really love - when kids start trying to sound out and spell words.  There is nothing cuter than watching them write words the way they think they sound!  And then it's so much fun to look at what they've written and then figure out what they meant to say. Adorable!   

One Sunday morning this summer he sat by me in church, got into my purse, and pulled out a pen and a small pad of paper.  Then he wrote me a note.  He gave it to me with the biggest, sweetest smile!  Then he said, "I love you Mom!"  It was such an adorable moment.  I really love this kid! 

Then I looked down and this is what I saw.

You and I might read it as "I F U Mom Moon." Precious, right?  In actuality, he was saying "I love you."  And, if I really think hard, and ignore the L in word love, then I can admit that the word love does indeed have a strong "f" sound.  It's a big stretch, but I'm going with it! 

I'm thinking we should start discouraging passing notes in church!  Either way, I'm keeping this note tucked in my Bible because it makes me giggle every time I look at it!    Such a silly kid! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Bill Cosby saved my summer!

This summer was not a lot of fun.  Selling a house and moving will do that to you.  We sort-of got stuck in survival mode  You know, where you do whatever it takes just to get by.  That was us.  I think we're coming out of it - at least I hope we are. 

But summer for our kids was spent either at swim practice or at home where we were  preparing our house to sell, finishing the bathroom, packing, and unpacking all summer long.  We were technically homeless for about a week where my kids and I spent 50+ hours at church (VBS week) and then crashed at different family members' homes.  To say this summer was not our finest moment would be an understatement.  Like I said, survival.

Our kids got a little lost in the shuffle.  You know the drill.  I was busy cleaning/packing/unpacking so they were sent downstairs to "play."  Now, a good mom would have encouraged them to do a lot of summer reading or other productive things.  Sadly, I didn't.  Whatever it takes to get through the day.   

Luckily, my children discovered our "Cosby Show" series DVD set.  200+ episodes on 24 DVDs.  I will tell you that my kids watched every stinkin' one of them. Several times.  But man, they are so good!  So wholesome.  So funny.  The kind of show you wish they still made.  I grew up watching them, so after just a few seconds watching an episode it all came back.   And they are so fun to sit down and watch with the kids.  Our kids love when we'll watch a movie with them, but there's only so many kids' movies you can sit through.  Twenty minutes for an episode is totally doable for this mama!  And the best part is, we never really heard, "I'm bored" this summer because there was always a new episode to watch. 

Normally, this is not how I parent.  But this summer - it was necessary.  So I would like to thank Mr. Bill Cosby for saving my summer.  While I loved the show when I was a child, I love it even more now that my kids can watch too. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First day of school...a few tears...and an empty house.

Monday was a big day.  A day I've been dreading for a long time.  On Monday all four of my babies went to school.  That was not easy for this mama!  All along I had planned to hold Sam back another year.  His birthday is in late July so I just thought it would be better to wait the extra year.  He'd be more mature.  More able to sit still.  More... everything. 

But, over the last few months as we prepared to sell our house and anticipated Chris starting Seminary we began to accept the idea that Sam would start kindergarten this year.   
It was hard.  So hard - as the summer came to an end.  I felt like I was loosing my baby!  But his first day wasn't too bad.  My eyes were teary as he sat on the rug in the classroom with a huge smile on his face completely loving story time.  It helps that he practically grew up in the school.  As a one year-old I became PTO president so I dragged him into the building every few days all year long for three years.  He spent his toddler years with me in the teacher's lounge, supply room and back closets.  He knows most of the teachers and all of the places students should never be.  He loves the principal and we were lucky enough to get the teacher that Isabella had last year.  We all love her!  That made it so much easier! 

 I think he'll be well taken care of!

It was also a big day for Sophia.  She's no longer an elementary student!  And I am officially old! 

On the ride home from school Sam was so worn out he fell asleep.  So cute!  

Thursday was another first for us.  I sent my husband off to school  - in another state!  Crazy, right?  Chris left for Denver Seminary and had orientation yesterday.  On Monday he has his first day of classes.  Too bad I didn't get his first day of school picture!! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

On selling a house in a week...and what's next?

I haven't had much time to catch my breath lately, nevertheless tell everyone what's going on in our lives right now.  But I've been getting some questions, so I'll try to be as brief as possible - ha ha, not my strong point!

This spring Chris really felt God calling him to Seminary.  He worked hard to get his Masters in Theology, but he really believed he needed more education.  He started looking at Masters of Divinity degrees - both online and on-campus.  He wanted more Bible classes, and classes on preaching and counseling.  The more he looked, the more he knew he wanted to go to school where he would interact with the other students and professors.  There's a lot of learning in the classroom that just can't be duplicated in online programs.  He narrowed it down, applied, and was accepted to Denver Seminary for the Fall. 

At the same time, we knew we needed to sell our house.  First, we just plain couldn't afford it after he changed jobs almost two years ago.  We made it stretch as long as possible, but it was time.   And we were okay with that.  Also, we really believed we needed to spend much less on our house so we could free up money to be spent on things like family vacations, mission trips, helping people when we see a need, etc.  So we got our house ready to sell -- so much work involved, you have no idea!!!  We listed it on a Tuesday, and the next Tuesday we had an offer.  Oh. My. Gosh!  That has NEVER happened to us.  And we have sold a few houses over the years.  We really felt like it was God confirming that we were on the right track! 

So the next big question, where are you going to live?  Well, we're going to stick around here.  Our jobs are here, are families are here and until God calls us to move somewhere else, we're staying put.  Chris was fortunate enough to line up his fall classes all on Mondays, so for now, the plan is for him to drive out there every Sunday afternoon and come home Tuesday mornings.  Not perfect, but it's the only plan we can come up with for now.  We've learned that God can change those plans at any point, but for now, this is what we know. 

I'm also finally starting to realize that I've got to start sorting and packing.  Because we plan to go smaller, I've got to decide what to keep, what to sell, donate, and just plain throw away.  All while the kids are on two swim teams this summer, and I'm in the middle of planning VBS.  Oh my!  Just going to try to catch my breath and take it one day at a time.  But that's what we know for now. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little man...

Just a few pictures because Sam pretty much makes me smile all day long. 
He came upstairs at my mom's house like this and played us a little song. 

And as the son of a youth pastor, he gets to spend a lot of time with teenage girls.  And sometimes he gets their senior pictures.  And sometimes, he carries them around and stares at them.  Funny kid.   
He loves to follow Chris around outside when he mows.  He gets out his little toy mower - almost always shirtless and shoeless. 
These feet may not be clean all summer! 
He loves to help Chris on projects and brings his toy tools and safety glasses with him whenever he's helping him out.  Luckily Chris humors him and lets him get in a little hammering. 

They also share the same ability to fall asleep instantly.
Just a few pictures of my little man.  Because he's hilarious.  And he's all mine! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

For Sale...

We're getting ready to sell our house.  We'll be listing it in a week or two with a realtor.  But, if there's anyone out there that's looking for a house in Valley Center, or knows someone who might be looking then send them our way now.  It's priced at $159,000.  I'm going to post some pictures below.  Ignore some of the furniture - we'll be selling some of that on Craigslist too soon. 
The front of our house... (large garden, 2 trees).
Back side of the house.  (large patio, wrought iron fence with gate to pond, playground, several trees)
Backyard view of pond - great for fishing and paddle boats.
Backyard playground.  (roof not finished)
Living room with vaulted ceilings and wood burning fireplace with gas starter.  Windows overlook the pond.  Last year we installed hardwood floors throughout the upstairs and changed out all of the trim and doors to nicer white ones.  We also repainted everything to get rid of all the builder-grade flat paint.  That just doesn't work well with kiddos!   
Living room/dining room view. 
Kitchen (laundry room and garage through the door)
Master bedroom with window seat.
Master bath.  Dual sinks.  Walk-in Closet. 

Upstairs 2nd bedroom.
Upstairs 3rd bedroom/office.
Upstairs 2nd bathroom - single sink. 
Basement.  Large family room.  View-out basement.  Brand new carpet. 
Basement bedroom #4.
Basement bedroom #5. 
We're also finishing the basement bathroom.   Will have pictures soon! 
We've lived here almost 6 years now.  In that time we finished the basement.  We've just repainted most all of the interior rooms with fresh paint, put in new carpet downstairs, hardwood floors, upgraded the trim work and doors, and added a lot of exterior landscaping including 10 trees, a flower garden, a great patio, wrought iron fence, playground and much more. 

Again, if you know anyone looking, pass this on.  Thanks so much! 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Month That Was...

It has been a busy few weeks since my last blog post.  Frankly, busy doesn't begin to describe it.  So, here's the best way to catch you all up.

My birthday. Yep.  35.  That used to sound old.  Now, not so much!  I was blessed by a couple in my church this year.  Dub shares a birthday with me, and he reminds me very much of my Grandpa.  He and his wife surprised me while I was working PDO and brought me pizza, bread sticks, a salad, and a DQ ice cream cake.  WOW!  It was his birthday and yet they were treating me!  Good, good people! 

Isabella had her first music program.  She is the first Moon child to enjoy being on the stage and was super excited for the program.  She picked out her outfit several days early and made sure all her grandparents knew when it was.  She had one line and it was memorized and repeated for a month.  It was a lot of fun to watch her on stage!

After two years of planning, we started building our neighborhood playground.  It was a lot of work, and is not quite done thanks to a few missing parts, but it's getting closer.  I'm thankful to Chris for spending 17+ hours out there.  He's a good Dad!
Some of the playground "helpers."

Anna completed her scientific method project for the science fair.  We have learned two important lessons.  First, it takes a while to kill a carnation -- even with boiling water.  And second, for our next science project we'll test something that will give us immediate results!  Nothing like having dying flowers on your counter for two weeks! 

We've been doing a lot of reading late at night. Like Sophia's head lamp? 

And we started an after-school Bible Club at our kids' elementary school.  19 kids have been signed up despite the fact that we weren't allowed to send home fliers the way other organizations are allowed.  It was a great opportunity for my kids to learn how to live out their faith and invite their friends and classmates to the club. 

Parents' Day Out is going strong.  We've enrolled 9 kids in the last three weeks without advertising.  It's keeping me busy, but these sweet kiddos are so much fun!

We've also been de-cluttering.  Man, we have a lot of stuff!  We've been selling it off through craigslist (LOVE IT!) and through a massive garage sale.  It's amazing how much stuff we've gotten rid of - and don't miss - and how much more we can still weed out.  Why do we let our lives/homes get this cluttered to begin with? 

We've had swim practice twice a week that keeps us driving up to Newton.  And a field trip to Cow Town.  Sorry, growing up in Dodge City, I still think Boot Hill is better.  The kids had fun and Sam was able to tag along with the second graders.  He came home and took a long nap! 

We've had snow and ice, and we got to meet baby lambs and ride a donkey. 
And Easter.  Well, when you're a Children's Minister - Easter is a busy time.  And your kids are put to work.  We had an egg hunt at church and hosted our fifth annual neighborhood egg hunt. 

But Easter is also a good time.  And one of the few times I can get my girls to wear matching dresses.  Aren't they cute? 

We've been doing lots of home renovation projects finishing up the conversion we started a year ago putting in white trim and doors.  Better late than never!   And this weekend we'll be volunteering with Love Wichita to serve alongside other area churches at their annual day of service.  Whew, I think that's most of it.

So, if I haven't called.  I'm sorry.  If I have been scattered when we've talked.  Sorry again.  I'm trying to do so much and I think I've hit my limit this month on what's actually doable.  The good thing is that I can't actually remember the last time anyone in our family said the dreaded words, "I'm bored."