Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Bill Cosby saved my summer!

This summer was not a lot of fun.  Selling a house and moving will do that to you.  We sort-of got stuck in survival mode  You know, where you do whatever it takes just to get by.  That was us.  I think we're coming out of it - at least I hope we are. 

But summer for our kids was spent either at swim practice or at home where we were  preparing our house to sell, finishing the bathroom, packing, and unpacking all summer long.  We were technically homeless for about a week where my kids and I spent 50+ hours at church (VBS week) and then crashed at different family members' homes.  To say this summer was not our finest moment would be an understatement.  Like I said, survival.

Our kids got a little lost in the shuffle.  You know the drill.  I was busy cleaning/packing/unpacking so they were sent downstairs to "play."  Now, a good mom would have encouraged them to do a lot of summer reading or other productive things.  Sadly, I didn't.  Whatever it takes to get through the day.   

Luckily, my children discovered our "Cosby Show" series DVD set.  200+ episodes on 24 DVDs.  I will tell you that my kids watched every stinkin' one of them. Several times.  But man, they are so good!  So wholesome.  So funny.  The kind of show you wish they still made.  I grew up watching them, so after just a few seconds watching an episode it all came back.   And they are so fun to sit down and watch with the kids.  Our kids love when we'll watch a movie with them, but there's only so many kids' movies you can sit through.  Twenty minutes for an episode is totally doable for this mama!  And the best part is, we never really heard, "I'm bored" this summer because there was always a new episode to watch. 

Normally, this is not how I parent.  But this summer - it was necessary.  So I would like to thank Mr. Bill Cosby for saving my summer.  While I loved the show when I was a child, I love it even more now that my kids can watch too. 

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