Friday, November 6, 2015

Confession # 327; Sometimes a little bit of Christmas can last an entire year!

It is November, and I know some of my friends are already busy decorating their homes for Christmas.  They're putting lights on their house, setting up the tree, and making things beautiful.  I'm not there yet.  I usually wait until Thanksgiving is over to decorate for Christmas. 
But I have a little confession to make.  I still have something hanging up from last year's Christmas.  Last year I started hanging up all the Christmas photo cards our friends and family mailed us.  Well, technically I've been doing this for years.  I just love to look at them during the holidays, and who doesn't love actual snail mail these days?  But last year I just never took them down.  Never. 
Some time in January I decided that if I left them up there, every time I walked by them I would be reminded of a family.  Someone to pray for, a nice memory shared, or just admiration that they could get all of their children to look at the camera and smile at the same time.  I pass by this wall dozens of times a day.  I can pray for the family that last year adopted two sweet children as they added to their family.  I can think about our Kansas friends and family who we haven't seen in 19 months, and I can feel good about new friendships we've made.  But each time, I can pray for one of these beautiful families.  And I know without the reminder of seeing their picture on the wall, I would probably forget.  
So I know how hard it is to take family pictures.  We do it every year and it still doesn't seem to get easier.  Yes my kids are more bribable now, but smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is still a struggle!   I know the time it takes to order cards, address them, and mail them.  I know the expense in mailing them out.  But seriously, it's worth it!  I have enjoyed these for almost an entire year now!  And I'll take them down soon, it is November already!