Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little man...

Just a few pictures because Sam pretty much makes me smile all day long. 
He came upstairs at my mom's house like this and played us a little song. 

And as the son of a youth pastor, he gets to spend a lot of time with teenage girls.  And sometimes he gets their senior pictures.  And sometimes, he carries them around and stares at them.  Funny kid.   
He loves to follow Chris around outside when he mows.  He gets out his little toy mower - almost always shirtless and shoeless. 
These feet may not be clean all summer! 
He loves to help Chris on projects and brings his toy tools and safety glasses with him whenever he's helping him out.  Luckily Chris humors him and lets him get in a little hammering. 

They also share the same ability to fall asleep instantly.
Just a few pictures of my little man.  Because he's hilarious.  And he's all mine! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

For Sale...

We're getting ready to sell our house.  We'll be listing it in a week or two with a realtor.  But, if there's anyone out there that's looking for a house in Valley Center, or knows someone who might be looking then send them our way now.  It's priced at $159,000.  I'm going to post some pictures below.  Ignore some of the furniture - we'll be selling some of that on Craigslist too soon. 
The front of our house... (large garden, 2 trees).
Back side of the house.  (large patio, wrought iron fence with gate to pond, playground, several trees)
Backyard view of pond - great for fishing and paddle boats.
Backyard playground.  (roof not finished)
Living room with vaulted ceilings and wood burning fireplace with gas starter.  Windows overlook the pond.  Last year we installed hardwood floors throughout the upstairs and changed out all of the trim and doors to nicer white ones.  We also repainted everything to get rid of all the builder-grade flat paint.  That just doesn't work well with kiddos!   
Living room/dining room view. 
Kitchen (laundry room and garage through the door)
Master bedroom with window seat.
Master bath.  Dual sinks.  Walk-in Closet. 

Upstairs 2nd bedroom.
Upstairs 3rd bedroom/office.
Upstairs 2nd bathroom - single sink. 
Basement.  Large family room.  View-out basement.  Brand new carpet. 
Basement bedroom #4.
Basement bedroom #5. 
We're also finishing the basement bathroom.   Will have pictures soon! 
We've lived here almost 6 years now.  In that time we finished the basement.  We've just repainted most all of the interior rooms with fresh paint, put in new carpet downstairs, hardwood floors, upgraded the trim work and doors, and added a lot of exterior landscaping including 10 trees, a flower garden, a great patio, wrought iron fence, playground and much more. 

Again, if you know anyone looking, pass this on.  Thanks so much!