Monday, January 13, 2014

A little of what we've been up to lately in 2014! 
Snow!  And potty breaks!

We have had 23 straight days with snow on the ground at our house.  It looks like it will finally finish melting off today.  The kids' entire Christmas break was white.  LOVE it!  I know some are tired of the snow, but I say if it's going to be cold, I want it to be pretty too!  And we've spent a great deal of time outside taking our puppy out to potty. 

This little puppy sure likes to snuggle!  Especially after 7pm.  He'll curl up with just about anyone on the couch.

Cousin Love!

While the kids weren't able to see all their cousins this Christmas they did get plenty of cousin time! Lucy, Caleb, Nathanial and Micah...why didn't we get a picture together this year?  Bummer. 

Monster Trucks!

We've always wanted to take the kids to Monster Jam and we finally squeezed it in.  They had so much fun!  And yes, popcorn is a luxury so we must really, really enjoy every last bite! 

A new dog and a new year!

A week before Christmas we got a new puppy and we all instantly fell in love with him!  How could you not?  He's so stinkin' cute! 

After our dog, Sadie, died in February, we didn't want to rush right in to a replacement dog for the kids.  While that would have been easier - so much easier -  we allowed the kids to go through the mourning of losing their dog.  Some days I thought the crying would never end.  It was so difficult to watch them cry themselves to sleep -- for months and months.  Little things like people talking about their pets, or watching a dog on a movie would set them off.  It was hard. So hard. But also
with all the craziness that was our life in 2013, it just never seemed like the right time.  But finally we convinced Chris we were ready for a new puppy! We surprised the kids after school and they were so happy.  Sophia (my not-so-emotional child) cried tears of joy.  Love it!

It has been 12 years since we'd had a puppy in the house.  Boy do you forget stuff!  Like, how often you have to take them to the bathroom.  Or how all the ornaments suddenly have to be placed higher on the Christmas tree.  Or how they will chew ANYTHING.  Or how much energy they have!  But Max is so worth all of it! 

His addition to the family is a great way to end a not-so-fun year for us.  Losing our dog, selling our house, moving, contemplating life changes, school, and a lot of unmentionables....well, it wasn't really all sunshine and rainbows.  Honestly, there were times when I just couldn't wait for this year to end.  We all have years like that!  But, 2014 is going to be different!  Chris and I are focused on joy.  We're determined not to get caught up in the muck that is life sometimes.  We're going to have fun with our family and make sure they experience the joy we have in Christ.  We're going to focus more on relationships and less on other junk.  I heard a singer on the radio the other day that said something to the affect that we as Christians have this eternal joy in Christ but oftentimes are pretty boring people.  No doubt, right?  We want to be less boring and more fun! 

So even if your 2013 stunk - this year can be different.  We're praying it is!