Monday, April 18, 2016

The family that rocks together...from rock climbing to rocking at concerts!

This past week has been an awesome week for our family. We truly love contemporary Christian music and love getting the opportunity to worship together as a family.  Last week we got to do that twice!  On Wednesday we went to Lexington to see Rend Collective and Saturday Night we were in Mount Sterling to see Matt Maher.  And in between, on Friday night, we squeezed in a little rock climbing fun. 

You guys.  This was such a great time.  There is nothing like going to a Christian concert and standing next to your four kids who know all the words to the songs and are singing right along side of you.  God designed families to enjoy doing things together so it's always great to find something that all six of us love! 

Rend Collective....Seriously, they are amazing!  They play the coolest instruments and are such a high energy worship experience.  Once the concert started, we basically were on our feet for 2 1/2 hours! 

Matt Maher....This is just getting back to the heart of worship and it was awesome!

Both concerts were in churches so we were only a few rows back.  It was really so much fun!

Now for the rock climbing...well, only Chris and Sophia went climbing at Torrent Falls.  But I took the other three kids to watch.  They watched for a while, and then quickly found some ropes to play on.  It was another great night with the family!

This shows how high up they were...

So much fun!

And, of course, a little military battle going down!

Our kids are at really great ages now where we can do fun things together, stay out late occasionally, get dirty, make messes and have so much fun as a family!