Monday, September 21, 2015

A Quick Trip to Kansas

Last week we had to make a quick trip to Kansas to attend my Grandma's funeral.  We left Sunday after church and were back late Tuesday night.  We spent 30 hours in the car in three days!  And man, were we tired when we got back.  So while we wish we would have had time to visit more friends and family, it just wasn't possible this trip.  But we're planning to go back home for Thanksgiving so hopefully we'll catch up with more people then. 
It's been about 18 months since we've been back to Kansas.  While I try to describe to Kentuckians how flat parts of Kansas are and how windy it is, they just don't get it.  So here are a few pictures to show what I mean. 


And Kansas wind...
And I know some of you don't see much.   If you're used to mountains and forests, this might not look like much to you.  But man, I think Kansas is beautiful.  Kansas sunsets are amazing!  Like, indescribably amazing.  The colors, wow!  I can't even see a sunset here in Kentucky.   And storms rolling, you can see so far across Kansas that watching storms rolling in is just a stunning experience.  They are real storms with lightening, hail, wind, and many times dark and churning, swirling clouds.  They're awesome.  And nothing reminds me of how powerful God is like watching a tremendous storm roll through.  So far in Kentucky, we've mostly experienced gentle rain showers. It's just different.  We LOVE the mountains, forests, and lakes of Kentucky.  They provide us a lot of fun on our Saturdays!  And we get to do things we just never could in Kansas.  But we do miss watching the Kansas skies! 
It was good to go back home.  We were able to see a lot of relatives and that was such a great thing!  And we had some amazing people from our church that took such good care of us.  As we got ready to head west, we were given two giant baskets full of food for the road.  They must know us well because we always picnic on road trips.  It's too expensive to travel otherwise.  So we were given food for meals and loads of snacks and drinks for the drive.  Some other sweet friends also gave us money for gas and travel expenses along the way.  You cannot imagine how much that helped us make this trip.  We felt very loved for sure!
It was a quick trip, but such a good one too!  We're looking forward to Thanksgiving and catching up with everyone soon!