Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snowflake Wreath

This is the wreath I usually hang on my front door.  

I made it a couple of years ago with a million hand-cut felt circles and I really do love it. It's great to hang almost anytime of the year. And it's held up to our crazy Kansas weather.

But I wanted to make something new this year for winter. So I bought three packages of shatterproof snowflake ornaments from Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I could spend all day in that store!! And I got out my hot glue gun.

I started by taking the thickest/strongest snowflakes and glued them together.

Then I just slowly added more. When I was done, I added a white ribbon to the back. Presto. New wreath in 25 minutes.
It is a little lopsided as I am not a perfectionist at all.  And I thought about fixing it with some of my leftover snowflakes.  But, I really wasn't in the the mood, so maybe another day.  For now, I think it looks great!  Now we just need our first snow! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A little like her mama.

This year for Thanksgiving I wanted the kids to spend a little extra time being thankful.  So on Thursday morning, I gave the kids pieces of paper and asked them to make a list of the things they were thankful for.

It was so fun to see the progression from a four year-old's list to that of a nine year-old.  The things that matter to them are sweet and funny. 

Isabella wanted help spelling each word correctly and Chris helped her.  Her list looked like this:  "I am thankful for my family, Sadie, cousins, my plants and flowers, my house, God and Jesus, going to my friends houses, my grandparents, my food, the rainbow, the heavens and the earth, and water."  Love it! 

Sam had a list of 35 things.  In the end he was just looking around the room naming things.  His first few were Mama, froggy (his favorite stuffed animal), Daddy, his sisters and dog, froggy's pillow, and wrestling with Daddy.  Number 17 was Moses and number 34 was Daddy's coffee. Pretty funny.  And I did point out to Chris that froggy beat him out for the number two spot! 

Anna made a long list as well starting with her family, her house and her stuffed elephant.  She had some fun items like sharpening her pencils, hamburgers, conditioner and Daddy's underwear.  I guess we're all thankful for that!

Sophia made an extensive list of 60 things she's thankful for.  Her family, dog, and stuffed polar bear topped the list followed by God and Jesus and the swim team.   As the list got longer, she was thankful for the USA military and the USA Navy, lots of states, the Earth and the Milky Way. 

But what I love most is that after she finished writing her list she asked to type it on the computer.  You see, in many, many ways, she's a lot like Chris.  She can be serious and also ridiculously goofy.  She is a book worm and loves learning new facts.  She LOVES the great outdoors, climbing trees, going on hikes, and finding "critters."  And physically, she shares a lot of his characteristics.  But typing a list....well that's all me.  I typed all my notes in college so they were organized and easy to study.  Honestly, it really warmed my heart to see her act a little like her mama. 

It's so nice to stop and really focus on all the amazing things we're thankful for.  The little things in our lives that bring us so much joy and happiness.  Even if it is Daddy's underwear! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Look what I brought home from school!"

Dreaded words for this mama.  I never know what they'll bring home, but usually, if it's announced with any amount of enthusiasm, I'm probably not going to like it very much.

This week Sophia's class dissected owl pellets.  Um, maybe you're a little smarter than me, but I wasn't quite sure what that was and had to google it.  I sort-of wish I hadn't!  Apparently, if I understand correctly, owls don't have teeth and can't chew their food so they rip their pray apart with their beaks and then swallow the large chunks whole.  As they digest it, they separate the meat from the bones then regurgitate the bones, feathers and fur in a pellet.  So appetizing.  It looks something like this:

Since my daughter loves all things gross, she and her lab partner divided their treasures and brought them home to share with all of us. 

More loveliness.  Now this bag of treasures sits on my kitchen counter.  I have no idea what to do with it because she's rather proud  of it.  She even said she saved the mouse's hip bone just for me.  I wasn't really sure how to respond to that.  But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm just going to be thankful she thought of me.