Monday, May 12, 2014

A Walk in the Clouds...and Taking Cover in a Cave!

We woke up Saturday morning looking forward to another hike.  But it was raining.  We thought about it for a while, but really, we didn't want to waste an entire Saturday sitting at home.  And the rain here in Kentucky is so darn gentle.  Kansas friends, seriously, the rain comes straight down.  There is hardly any wind.  Crazy, right? 

So we decided to head into the Gorge.  Gentle rain, and then a walk in the clouds.  The view was really beautiful. 

The kids are getting used to longer hikes so it didn't feel right turning around and going straight home.  So we decided to press our luck and go on another trail. About the time we had hiked down to another beautiful stone arch, it started to really rain.  Like, slip off the side of the arch - rain.  And the thunder, oh my!  We couldn't quickly find a way down so we did our best to climb/slide/fall (just kidding) down under the arch. 
And then we took cover!  Some of the kids hid in a tiny little cave.  The others perched on the rocks.  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The thunder didn't really stop so we decided to head back to the car.

Sophia didn't like the thunder! 
The trail was flooded out, but we made it back quickly without any problems. 
We were pretty wet, but we had a fun time!