Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

We had our annual family pictures taken in late October this year.  We've taken them every year in the Fall since Sophia was a baby.  So, ten years in a row!  It's so fun to look back at how much our family has grown in that time.  We always give the pictures away to grandparents as their Christmas present, so we have to keep them a secret until then.  But it's so hard to not share them with all of you!  Here are some of our favorites!    

I love how Sam is just a little too slow with his jump! 
Sam, 4 1/2 years old
Isabella, 6 years old
Anna, 7 1/2 years old

Sophia, 9 1/2 years old

Monday, December 24, 2012

What you can do with a little snow...

It snowed...a little bit...last week and Sam was pretty desperate to build a snowman.  We really didn't have any measurable snow last year so I don't think he remembers making one.  On Thursday, after I picked him up from preschool, he asked if on our way home we could stop somewhere and build a snowman. That really didn't fit our schedule and we were busy the rest of the day.  By Friday, most all of the snow had melted.  But the kids got home from school and found a small patch of snow outside and went to work.  This is what they were able to build. 

Yes, Anna is building a snowman in a fancy Christmas dress and tennis shoes.  And it was probably 50 degrees outside and beautiful so Sophia's gloves and a short sleeve shirt, well, that worked too.  That's just how we roll around here! 

Yes, a baby carrot nose, and we couldn't figure out what would work for eyes.  Nothing would stick.  So we ended up sticking two chocolate covered marshmallows (on popsicle sticks) into the snow.  Nice!  The kids had fun though and we're expecting another small snow on Christmas!  I LOVE a white Christmas! 

We have had a wonderfully blessed year with our family and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!   Love, The Moons

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A few Pictures...

There are a few pictures I wanted to share, but didn't have time to write a whole blog about each.  So here's your condensed version. 

Sophia getting ready for her 4th grade music program.  She is NOT a girly girl.  So when she easily agreed to let me curl her hair I jumped at the rare chance!  She had a solo in the program and did great!  
Sam in the church Christmas program.  A very cute wise man!

The girls at church in last year's matching Christmas dresses.  So nice they still fit! 

Chris giving the kids lessons on how to stand on their heads. 
Just another day at the Moon house! 

Watching attentively.

Sophia actually figured it out very quickly! 
Chris trying to help...

Mom's way of standing on your head...propping yourself against a wall. 

I guess when you don't have cable - you improvise for your evening entertainment! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sam's Big Dream

If you have ever sat with our family at a sporting event you have probably learned a few things about our family.

1st - Our kids bring their own activities to entertain themselves.  They don't like to get bored.  And the game itself doesn't quite hold their attention yet.  Here's a picture at a recent basketball game.
Isabella's pretty good about packing a bag with a couple of books, paper, crayons and a few cars for Sam.  And the nice thing is that we can finally watch more of the game.  We used to always have to leave by half-time.  

2nd - Sam's big dream when he grows up is to be in the marching band.  Seriously.  He talks about it a lot.  He spends the entire football game watching the band.  We have to get there early so we don't miss when they march in.  And then he's mesmerized during their half-time performance.  He pretends to play the drums or the trumpet usually.  He doesn't like basketball games as much because there's no marching band.  The other day he was practicing at home.  With a ruler.  He worked hard at his "high knees" too. 

We dream big at the Moon house!