Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sam's Big Dream

If you have ever sat with our family at a sporting event you have probably learned a few things about our family.

1st - Our kids bring their own activities to entertain themselves.  They don't like to get bored.  And the game itself doesn't quite hold their attention yet.  Here's a picture at a recent basketball game.
Isabella's pretty good about packing a bag with a couple of books, paper, crayons and a few cars for Sam.  And the nice thing is that we can finally watch more of the game.  We used to always have to leave by half-time.  

2nd - Sam's big dream when he grows up is to be in the marching band.  Seriously.  He talks about it a lot.  He spends the entire football game watching the band.  We have to get there early so we don't miss when they march in.  And then he's mesmerized during their half-time performance.  He pretends to play the drums or the trumpet usually.  He doesn't like basketball games as much because there's no marching band.  The other day he was practicing at home.  With a ruler.  He worked hard at his "high knees" too. 

We dream big at the Moon house! 

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