Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little man...

Just a few pictures because Sam pretty much makes me smile all day long. 
He came upstairs at my mom's house like this and played us a little song. 

And as the son of a youth pastor, he gets to spend a lot of time with teenage girls.  And sometimes he gets their senior pictures.  And sometimes, he carries them around and stares at them.  Funny kid.   
He loves to follow Chris around outside when he mows.  He gets out his little toy mower - almost always shirtless and shoeless. 
These feet may not be clean all summer! 
He loves to help Chris on projects and brings his toy tools and safety glasses with him whenever he's helping him out.  Luckily Chris humors him and lets him get in a little hammering. 

They also share the same ability to fall asleep instantly.
Just a few pictures of my little man.  Because he's hilarious.  And he's all mine! 

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