Saturday, August 24, 2013

First day of school...a few tears...and an empty house.

Monday was a big day.  A day I've been dreading for a long time.  On Monday all four of my babies went to school.  That was not easy for this mama!  All along I had planned to hold Sam back another year.  His birthday is in late July so I just thought it would be better to wait the extra year.  He'd be more mature.  More able to sit still.  More... everything. 

But, over the last few months as we prepared to sell our house and anticipated Chris starting Seminary we began to accept the idea that Sam would start kindergarten this year.   
It was hard.  So hard - as the summer came to an end.  I felt like I was loosing my baby!  But his first day wasn't too bad.  My eyes were teary as he sat on the rug in the classroom with a huge smile on his face completely loving story time.  It helps that he practically grew up in the school.  As a one year-old I became PTO president so I dragged him into the building every few days all year long for three years.  He spent his toddler years with me in the teacher's lounge, supply room and back closets.  He knows most of the teachers and all of the places students should never be.  He loves the principal and we were lucky enough to get the teacher that Isabella had last year.  We all love her!  That made it so much easier! 

 I think he'll be well taken care of!

It was also a big day for Sophia.  She's no longer an elementary student!  And I am officially old! 

On the ride home from school Sam was so worn out he fell asleep.  So cute!  

Thursday was another first for us.  I sent my husband off to school  - in another state!  Crazy, right?  Chris left for Denver Seminary and had orientation yesterday.  On Monday he has his first day of classes.  Too bad I didn't get his first day of school picture!! 

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