Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Loving Turtle

Anna came home from school the other day with a gift from a little boy in her class.  He had painted an elaborate and rather large turtle on a couple of sheets of paper taped together. 

On it, is written "The Loving Turtle." 

She was pretty excited that he gave it to her.  She's a girl who likes to feel special.   I left it at that not wanting to make a bigger deal of it and embarrass her or give her any wrong ideas.  I figure she probably said she liked it and he handed it to her.  Who knows. (Parent teacher conferences are next week, so I can always find out more then!)

Then in walked her Dad.  He had other plans.

He quickly started asking lots of questions and found out that Anna plays with this boy at school sometimes, but one of her best friends thinks he is her boyfriend.  Anna said she didn't really think that was true.  Ugghh.  It starts early.  She's only 6! 

Tomorrow, Anna is taking a painting to this little boy.  She said he gave her a painting so she should give him one too.  Makes sense.  It's on a framed canvas - a little over the top as a gift to a kindergarten boy, but it was from a craft kit we already had and I had promised she could open. 

It's a sailboat.  Luckily she didn't label it the Love Boat!  Yet.

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