Thursday, March 17, 2011


The rule at our house is everyone takes naps until they're 5 years old. With our oldest, she just rested in her bed for an hour that last year because she really didn't need the sleep.  But, she needed the rest time (and so did I).  She watched the clock and as soon as she could get up she would.  All of our others have needed the sleep.  Now, on Sundays our rule is that EVERYONE (yep, even Mom and Dad) takes an hour to rest/nap.  Part of our practicing the Sabbath and frankly, I love it!

When Anna turned 5 she was excited to stop taking naps.  Unfortunately, she still needs the sleep even at 6.  So a couple of times a week I'll tell her to come lay in my bed next to me and snuggle.  I lay there and read a few pages of a book and within about 10 seconds she's asleep.  Works every time.  Plus, she doesn't feel like I'm making her take a nap, she just knows her body needs more sleep and thinks its funny. 

Last week, she laid down and our dog jumped on the bed.  Not unusual of course since it's more her bed than ours.  But Sadie loves Anna and just wanted to lay right up beside her on her pillow so she could smother her in kisses.  I finally convinced the dog to move away from her face.  Sadie then fell asleep across Anna's legs.  It was pretty cute. 

 A little bit later, Chris surprised us by coming home early.  He quickly decided to join them. 

***Please ignore the random blankets and pillows piled everywhere.  The kids drag them in from all over the house.  Also, excuse the furniture.  While the 1970's are not my favorite decade for furniture, this set and the bedding were free hand-me-downs and they are serving their purpose.  Normally, nobody sees this room. 


  1. I think it is a beautiful bed and blankets!!! Make no excuses and none are necessary. You are a great mom!!

  2. Looks like an inviting room, just look at the occupants!lol Don't worry, I call my style of decorating Early Depression! lol