Monday, February 21, 2011


We like to make donuts or muffins on Saturday mornings.  But, sometimes I'm lazy and Chris or I will run to the store to pick up some.  Two weeks ago was Anna's birthday and so I took her to the store to pick some out.  She picked out a dozen donuts - each one colorful and unique.  Many had sprinkles or colored frosting. Some had filling.  But they were all different. 

Last weekend, I again ran to the store.  I was trying to change Sophia's grumpy mood so I took her with me.  She picked one dozen glazed donuts.  All the same.  All plain.  I couldn't even convince her to get the ones with chocolate frosting. 

As I headed home, I couldn't help but think about how their selections reflected their style preferences.  Anna, 6, loves colorful, loud clothes.  The more color the better.  She likes dresses with leggings and the sparklier the better.  Sophia, 7 1/2,  prefers to wear a pair of jeans and a plain colored shirt every single day.  She'll wear a dress to church, but never to school.  She likes things simple and comfortable.  You can't hang upside down from the monkey bars in a flowery dress! 

It's so fun to see that each of your children is unique.  They can be raised in the same home, with the same parents and have the same experiences, but God made them unique and wonderfully different. 

I'll have to take Isabella and Sam to the store one of these days and see what they pick.  I'm hoping one of them chooses chocolate frosted chocolate cake donuts -- my favorite! 

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