Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day #5: Making Up Games

My kids love to play games and we got plenty of new ones for Christmas.  Chris had them playing Twister.  Let's just say our little Isabella made her own set of rules up since she's too tiny to actually reach very far!

But last night before bed the kids wanted to play one more game.  I had a great idea.  I ran upstairs and got a bucket out that contained all of our mismatched socks.  We've accumulated quite a few since I just keep throwing them in the bucket and never sort them.  I got Chris and the girls to sit around the bucket and I explained the rules.  Here's what they looked like before the game.  Pretty happy right?

When I said "go" I would dump the bucket and they would begin to find matches.  The one with the most matches won the game.  So exciting, right? 
Yep.  That's them working as fast as they can.  They're still enjoying the game!

Anna won with the most matches.  She was still smiling.  Sophia was not.  She lost by one pair (and a lot of mismatched pairs).  She is not a great loser either.  Still no one but Chris seemed to notice that my game was not much of a game at all.

In the end, we matched 43 pairs of socks together.  Yikes...they've been piling up for quite a while.  I had to go through and fix several of the matches since Sophia thought as long as they were white and similar in size they were a match.  But, in the end, we got one thing crossed off of my "to do" list, we played what they thought was a game.  And, I sat back and watched.  Don't moms have the best ideas?

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