Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day #4: Making Robots

So, I'm LOVING our 4th snow day of the year.  I know most parents dread them.  If both parents work, it's a pain to take a day off or arrange childcare (though VCCC offers free childcare to school-age children on snow days!).  Others get cabin fever or get tired of their kids saying they're bored. 

Not me.  I LOVE them!  Even the yucky ones like today when we can't get outside.  Blizzard conditions make it impossible to get outside to enjoy the snow.  That's fine with me.  It's 10:30am and most of us are still in our jammies.  Can't beat that!  I don't have to run any errands because there's no way I'm going to take my kiddos out in this weather.  So we're snuggled in and warm.

Sophia, who has always been our tomboy at heart got out one of her robot kits from Christmas.  We knew she'd love them, we just hadn't had the time to work on any of them yet.  She decided today was the day! 

I was reminded of just how much she's like her Daddy during the construction of her robot.  She dumped all the pieces out, looked at the picture, and tried to start assembling it.  Instructions?  We don't need instructions.  Then, as her frustration grew, she finally turned to me for help and I read the instructions.  We did everything step by step and surprisingly, when we turned it on it worked!  Thank goodness.  Sam thinks it's hilarious too.

I'm guessing later today we'll make another robot - instead of cleaning up the basement like I had intended on doing.  But, snow days shouldn't be about chores.  At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself!

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