Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mother of the Year Application

For the next Mother of the Year application, I will be reminding Chris to submit the following:

Mary is such an incredible mother.  One day in late January, she spent almost an hour scooping two month's worth of dog poop out of her back yard so her four children could take advantage of the only two warm and sunny days so far this winter.  Since the yard had been used by our golden retriever, and two large dogs who visited for a few days over the holidays, she had her hands full - literally!  She filled an entire trash bag so full that it began to tear apart.  All in the name of letting her children experience some fresh air and a little outdoor exercise.  I am one lucky husband and father... Sincerely, Chris Moon


  1. love it! I think you would win! Love you guys! Erin

  2. He he, we used the front yard for that reason. No awards here. :)