Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

2010 was a good year.  It was full.

Chris & Catherine's wedding.  Trips to Indiana and Colorado.  Preschool.  New contemporary service at church.  Girls' dance and cheer leading clinics.  Birthday parties and sleepovers.  VBS.  Teaching at Parent's Day Out.  Watching 22 machine-pitch and t-ball games.  Project 365go!  Swimming lessons.  First Sunday family lunches.  Freelance writing.  Multiple ear surgeries.  Daily devotions.  Parade floats.  The Hornet Hustle.  Children's Ministries.  Babysitting.  Hiking through Tallgrass Preserve.  Graduate school.  Blogging.  PTO.  Volunteering.  Toddler Milestones.  Laughing.

This year was finally not a year about home improvement.  We didn't tackle any major things despite the long "to do" list.  And not surprisingly, they're still there to do another time.  We were very healthy for the most part.  We were blessed financially with new opportunities.  We learned to focus on serving in areas that really matter and where we can make a difference and not just volunteer for everything we have an interest in.  We were reminded at how quickly time passes and how fast kids grow up and how precious life is.  We learned that family matters.  We focused on putting God first.  The rest seems to work itself out. 

For 2011......Hopefully more of the same.  God first.  Loads of family time.  A few projects.  Exercise more and eat less.   We WILL spend more time being a, playing, laughing.....not just working and volunteering. Fewer meetings.  I WILL find a healthy balance between all the things I want to do, and the reality and time restraints of being a mom of 4 beautiful kids. The house will be less clean.  The "to do" list may not get shorter.  But I will have taken the time to be the Mom that God intends me to be. 

So...Pray, Play, Serve, Obey, Love and Enjoy.  That's what I intend to do in 2011. 

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