Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days

I've been having a great week!  Sunday, it started to snow and Monday our schools were closed due to a power outage. That morning was gorgeous outside.  It wasn't windy or too cold, so we played in the snow a lot without any complaints.  Later that afternoon, the wind picked up and it got very cold so we snuggled up and got cozy. 

Tuesday the schools cancelled again for extremely "frigid" weather.  Think -15 wind chills.  And Wednesday all the schools around us closed.  It was supposed to be even colder, possibly -20 wind chills.  Our school did not close.  Of course, we'll never really know will why will we?  But the justification for closing Tuesday and not Wednesday doesn't really hold up. 

Anyways, I kept my girls home again for another day.  I didn't think -20 was safe even just walking from the garage down the driveway to the bus, or from the bus to the school.  I'm guessing the superintendent was not outside greeting the kids getting off the bus.  Probably inside his nice new office staying warm.  Just a guess.  My girls went back to school today after a 5 day weekend.  They have 2 days of school and then have a 3 day weekend due to MLK jr.
Day.  Usually I would have gone stir crazy by now.  We haven't left the house in 2 day.  Not even to head outside to get the mail.  But we've had a lot of fun playing games, watching old movies (think the original Love Bug, Parent Trap and Swiss Family Robinson).  And just playing.  We slept in and we were well rested and had fun.  And most importantly, we didn't run ANY errands.  Nice!  It's made me look forward to the summer already even though it's several months away! 

So, here's a few pictures from our time outside.  We really love a good non-windy day to play in the snow!


It was hard for Sam to walk with a couple inches of snow stuck to his boots.

Sophia was digging a little igloo and kept putting her head in it.  I wasn't really sure what to say, so I just took a picture.  Silly girl.

Remarkably, all of them were still out there after an hour.



Sophia - covered in snow and loving it.

Isabella getting chilly!

Here's hoping you got outside to play in the snow too!

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