Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm officially admitting defeat.  It's not an easy thing to do.  But necessary.  Last Monday I set out to potty train Sam.  We had trained all the girls at 27 months pretty easily.  Sam is 29 months.  I waited until the holidays were over because of travel plans.  So Monday was the day. I even bought a Lightning McQueen toilet and Lightning McQueen and Mater underwear.  We were set. 

Sam was not.  In one week he accidentally pottied in the toilet once.  Accident being the key word there.  The rest of the time I dutifully pulled his wet underwear and pants off of him and put him on the toilet.  We had lots of conversations about parts I never thought I'd talk about.  He continually told me how he had to "point it down."  The girls' have been exposed to more information than they probably needed.   

The problem is that Sam sleeps a lot.  NOT a problem normally -- a complete blessing to me.  But, when you're potty training, the kid needs to be awake.  We had mornings (when we weren't out running errands).  Then he'd nap 4 hours.  Then he'd be awake for a few hours in the evening.  He literally is only awake about 8 hours a day.  My kind of kid!!  That's just not enough time to get enough practice.  But more importantly, the poor kid didn't have a clue.  He literally has no idea when he needs to potty.   He's just not there yet.  So, I'm admitting temporary defeat. We'll try again when he's ready this spring...or when it's summer time and I'm less busy running kids around. Or we'll try the "going naked" method when it's warm enough that he doesn't cry about being freeeeeeeeeezing! 

Defeat is not easy to admit.  But, sanity is much more important.  I'm not willing to struggle with this for months when I can wait for him to be ready.  So, back to diapers.  I've been using them continually for 7 1/2 years....why stop now!

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