Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up

Christmas is a busy time of year for us at the Moon house.  Mostly because we're not at the Moon house that much.  We headed over to Grandad's house for an early Christmas with my dad's side of the family, then a couple of days later we headed out for a very quick trip to Dodge City for a Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  We got home in time to head to our church's Christmas Eve service, frost a couple of cookies and leave a plateful for Santa.  Then once the kids were asleep we did our best at our "some assembly required" toys.  That always takes longer than we anticipate.  Sam got a train table set this year and setting that up took quite a while.  We had Christmas morning at our house and then after naps headed over to Chris' parent's house for another Christmas.  The next day we went back over for the big extended Clark Christmas, and then last night we went back again to spend a little more time with cousin Lucy before she left.  Tonight the kids are having a movie night sleepover at Grandad's with their cousins.  Busy, busy, busy. 

The kids were so worn out last night that I told them if they slept until 9am I'd give them a prize. I just wanted to sleep in so badly!! Isabella, who is usually up right at 7am didn't get to our room until 8:52. She was so sad because her clock didn't say 9. I told her it was close enough. At 9:01 Anna and Sophia came up and proclaimed themselves winners. Sam and Daddy got out of bed at 10am. It felt amazing and was totally worth the package of gum I gave them for winning. I will have to think of more sleeping in bribes the rest of the week!

Sam with his new NASA helmet from Uncle Chris.

Dads and the cousins getting ready to sprinkle food for the reindeer.  The moms were smart and stayed inside.  It was cold out!

Fun with Kaitlynn and Emma.

Instead of frosting his cookies, Sam decided to add the snowman's candy corn noses to his bowl of frosting and eat it.  Gross!

Sophia reading us the Christmas story from Luke 2.

The big present!

Papa got the kids a giant bounce house for his garage which is quickly turning into a playroom for the kids.  They LOVE it!

Head first of course!

Sophia got a couple of dinosaur excavating kits and has been chiseling away at her first one.

Her Daddy has snuck away to the garage to enjoy it too.

What a fun and busy Christmas we have had.  We've even managed to stay healthy so far!  We hope you are all enjoying yours as much as we are.  Merry Christmas and have a fabulous new year! 

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