Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adventures at Bedtime

Every night Chris and I check on the kiddos before we head to bed.  It's nice to see them sleeping peacefully and after some days where there is a lot of arguing or disobeying it's really nice to go to bed remembering them in this state - sleeping angels. 

We often get a kick out of some of their sleeping positions.  Isabella makes us giggle the most.  I can't even describe the way we've found her at times.  Last night we went to check on them and Anna and Isabella had apparently gotten out of bed a few times.  They went to bed wearing what we deem "winter jammies" - long sleeves and pants.  We found them in shorts and little tank tops which doesn't work since we keep our house pretty cool at night.  They must have gotten cold again, because they got out socks and put them on their feet and their hands. 
Isabella chose colorful knee highs of course!

Anna doesn't like the light that Chris turned on to take the picture!

Sophia falls asleep like she's involved in a very intimate conversation with Polar Bear -- her constant bedtime companion since she was 21 months old.  I'm sure I have a picture of her when she was 2 or 3 that looks identical to this.  It's hard to believe she's 7 1/2!!

Silly girls!  I don't think I've missed a single night of checking in on them at bedtime in the last 7 1/2 years.  I'd like to think I'll still be doing this when they're 18.  I'm guessing they won't appreciate the camera then!


  1. I still look at him when he's asleep, in awe that God gave me such a precious gift! Once a Mom, always a Mom!

  2. Mary,
    They're so sweet. I love to look at my sleeping babies too! Have a blessed Christmas.
    The James
    PS Abby was just talking about her friend Sophia and how she misses her and how they've been friends for "a long time."

  3. Love seeing sleeping "babies"!

    Fiona wakes up pretty easily now so we don't have many pictures of her sleeping. We also still have her in her crib b/c we aren't ready for her to be able to get up, I'm sure she would change her clothes too.
    I can't believe how old your girls are!!