Thursday, December 9, 2010

Minor surgery is only minor when it's someone else's child.

That's what our ear doctor told us the first time we took one of our children in for tubes in their ears.  I agree.  Nothing seems minor when they're putting your child under anesthesia.  On Wednesday we went in for our third trip for tubes.  Isabella and Sam have both had the procedure done, but hearing tests after Sam's tubes came out showed that he needed them again.  This time they were also removing his adenoids to help clear up things even more.  One positive note is he may not snore anymore.  I'm thinking his future wife will appreciate this procedure.

The night before surgery... 

He was naked after his bath showing me the new dance moves his Daddy taught him.  I won't show you the other pictures!!

Here's Sam in his little tiger gown with his sleepsak.  While he no longer wears it to bed, he still snuggles with it like a blankie.  Looks like my own little Linus.

He was quite insistent that he wanted his "watch" off.  (The medical bracelets were pretty tight and he told every nurse and doctor that he wanted that watch taken off.  None of them agreed much to his disappointment.

After surgery, Sam woke up really disoriented, crying and he really couldn't calm down for a bit.  I don't blame him.  His biggest issue was the IV taped onto his hand which of course had to stay in for 30 more minutes.  Once that came out he was able to calm down and relax a bit with me.  We were released and as I buckled him into the car seat he promptly threw up.  Uggh.  I hate cleaning out the car seats.  Had he done it 2 minutes earlier, someone at the surgery center could have cleaned it up!  Just saying. 

We came home and all he wanted to do was snuggle on my lap.  He sat their silently not moving for an hour and then fell asleep for an hour.  Not a bad way to spend a morning!  By lunchtime I had to get things ready for the girls so he decided he could finally eat.  (McDonalds pancakes of course). 

And after his 5 hour nap he woke up feeling a little less grouchy and a little more like himself.  By bedtime he was finally back to playing with his toys and talking my ear off. 

I'm really hoping that's the last time we have that procedure done.  But we'll see.  But I do agree, it's only minor if it's not your own child!!

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