Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop Light

We were at the airport the other night waiting for Chris to get home from a quick business trip.  We were early so I bribed all my kids with a package of M & M's if they would sit still.  I never like it when my kids are wound up in public running around.  But, they are kids and can't be expected to act appropriately all the time. 

Sam ate half of his bag sitting nicely in his chair.  Then, WHAM!  The chocolate kicked in and he was up.  He was spinning, he was dancing, and he was talking to EVERYONE at the airport.  Mostly, he was pretty cute so I didn't struggle to suppress him because that would have only been more hectic.  At one point, a man, easily in his 80's or 90's, began walking down the long hallway and Sam stuck out his hands and said "stop light."  The man, who later told us his name was Howard, stopped.  Then Sam said he could go.  The two of them played this game as he slowly made his way down the hallway.  It was so cute to watch them interact.  When Howard finally made it to where we were sitting he began talking to Sam.  Sam explored every inch of his walker and the two of them had a great time.  Howard was picking up his son who was on the same flight as Chris.  Before Howard left, he introduced Sam to his son, and thanked me profusely for letting him get to know Sam.  He said that completely made his day.

I'm not exaggerating even a little when I say that everyone that night at the airport had their full attention on Sam and Howard.  Many people came up to me later and commented on how well behaved the girls were (remember the M & M's) and how nice it was for me to let Sam talk to Howard.  It was really just one of those warm-fuzzy moments I hope I never forget.  I love my kids, but when they can bring joy to a total stranger, that's a "God-thing" to me. 

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