Monday, August 2, 2010

Big Reveal

I've waited all summer to show you this.  It's finally done.  Sam has his official new room and I lOVE it!  Chris built his twin bed based on plan's I found on knock-off wood.  We tweaked them a bit to fit our needs and it looks amazing!  Chris completed our basement -- twice due to the lovely flood I'd like to magically forget -- so he's pretty handy, but there's something about making your own piece of furniture that just feels so good and this was Chris' first!  (It also saves a TON of money!!)  If you've never been to the website for knock-off wood - you're really missing something.  Ana takes pieces of furniture you see in Pottery Barn and Land of Nod and other popular companies and gives you the plans to make them yourself.  Have I mentioned that they're free?  There are so many things I'd love Chris to build for us, but I'm not allowed to add anything to his "honey do" list until everything that's currently on there is crossed off.  Seems fair.  Two more items to go and then I can create a new list!!  

Sam loves all things planes, trains and cars so that was our theme. I love looking through Pottery Barn's kids' catalog but I can never afford what they have. So I found some vinyl stickers of an airplane spelling out Sam's name in a store on etsy. They are very similar to one Pottery Barn has but 1/2 the price. YEAH! I also found some basic transportation prints that I simply mounted onto canvas' that I already had for super easy artwork. I found these here. Very cute and easily changed as he outgrows them.

So, here it is!

Isn't this bed beautiful?  Here's a closer picture...

Sam still loves to be rocked for a few minutes before bedtime -- and since he's my last baby I'm going to indulge that as long as he wants!  This is an old dresser we had that we painted to match the bed and just painted the old brass hardware for a more updated look.

I like Mod Podge glue a lot!  And I love picking out fun scrapbook paper to make the kids' artwork for their walls.  So easy, and way cheaper than buying them. 

I'm so excited about his room and Sam LOVES it!  He is doing a super job staying in his bed sleeping which quite honestly was a huge surprise to Chris and I.  When the kid's awake he doesn't stop moving - ever.  And, for the first time in 7 1/2 years, we no longer need this up in our house. 

It's a little sad, but mostly really exciting to be getting out of the baby stage and watching our kids grow up and learn new things daily.  I'm ready to sell the bedding, but Chris wants to store the bed for grand kids someday.  We'll see.  He's really not a saver so I don't think it will last that long!  One more project crossed off the list.  Now I can get the new office straightened up and everything put back away.  Then, what will I put on that new "honey do" list? 

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