Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do the Hustle!

Today was the day.  We first started talking about hosting a fun run at our PTO meeting back in February.  We were tired of selling junk.  Let me rephrase that.  We were tired of sending our kids next door, and to their grandparents selling coupon books, over-priced wrapping paper and loads and loads of cookie dough.  There had to be another way to raise money for an elementary school.  Then one of the moms made a suggestion.  Why not host a race.  Tons of people show up to run other races, even in the dead of winter.  I had just read about a PTO group that held a race and had the kids get sponsors.  The idea that I could write a check and be done fundraising for the entire year sounded too good to be true.  The other parents agreed.  So we started planning.  And six months later we hosted the first annual Hornet Hustle Fun Run. 

I am so proud of the event.  It was our first time to try something like this so we knew it would be a learning experience.  But everything went so smoothly.  We learned a TON!  There are things we'll do differently next year.  But, we had so much fun and had so many parents thank us for not sending their kids door-to-door to sell more junk.  I'd love to tell you how much we raised.  But, we're not ready to "officially" announce it just yet.  I will tell you that I handed out the last race bib today and it was #352.  So many runners!!!   Soon I'll let you know how we did.  But just know I am proud of the kids, parents, volunteers, teachers, staff, and business supporters.  We couldn't have done this without all of your help! 

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  1. seriously it was AWESOME!! And I am one of the VERY thankful parents, I hate that junk!!