Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Basement

When we finished our basement we purposely set out to create fun areas for our kids to really use their imaginations.  Of course we have the big plastic kitchen that almost every house has.  It has "served" us well through the years. Ha ha!  A couple of years ago I got really caught up in the idea of the kids having an actual stage to play on.  Something complete with curtains and lights and something that they could spend hours playing on.  I drew it out, and my patient hubby built it as a Christmas gift to the kids.  The kids have loved it. 

We've done everything from our own version of the Living Nativity to watching countless musical performances and puppet shows.  This week I'm watching two extra kids and it was neat to see them so excited over the stage.  Our kids are used to it and the "cool factor" has diminished.  Yesterday all the kids minus Sam put on a play.  We had a director/narrator/actor explaining what was going on, and boy did I need help!

We started out with a baseball player super-hero, a captured mermaid princess whose only apparent lines were "I DO NOT want to be captured" and a few cowgirls thrown in for good measure.  After capturing the princess, we quickly went on a high seas adventure and found a deserted treasure island and then quickly rocketed up into outer space.  Following along was difficult to say the least. The play never ended.  I eventually got saved by the smell of a dirty diaper and exited up stairs to a little peace and quiet.   Fun times. 

The other area we created was a school area.  We now have 3 little desks, an art table that Papa created for us as a knock-off of Pottery Barn, and a beautiful chalkboard that the kids spend hours creating masterpieces on.   Chris built this himself too.  I just love the way it looks.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture on a "Clean Room" sort-of day.  With 6 kids downstairs this week, nothing is clean.  But, it's nice to see the kids having so much fun playing down there.   

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