Friday, August 20, 2010

Parents' Day Out

Today was the first day of Parents' Day out for my little munchkins.  I teach there on Fridays so my kids can go for free.  It's great for kids who stay at home with a parent to get to have a weekly place to be around other kids.  It's even better for the parents who get four hours of freedom! 

Isabella hasn't started her preschool yet, so this was the first day she could load up her backpack.  Sam, is now out of the nursery and into the big 2-year-old room.  What fun he is going to have!  The first day is always a bit hectic so I completely forgot to take any pictures.  But they adjusted really well to their teachers and classmates and looked awfully cute getting ready to go in the morning.  Sam's bag was too heavy with his lunchbox in it and he really couldn't wear it except for the brief picture.  But, eventually, he'll grow into it!!
It's still hard to believe these two kiddos are two years apart.

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  1. HAHA, I didn't see the backpack, that is adorable.