Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hornet Hustle Results

I can't wait to make this announcement.  It's something that's so near and dear to my heart that I am just completely filled with joy when I think of it. 

Back in March, I started working on the 2nd Annual Abilene Elementary School Hornet Hustle (mouthful, I know)!  Two years ago in a PTO meeting one of the parents had an idea.  What if instead of selling cookie dough, coupon books, and wrapping paper, we host a race to raise money for the school.  As we talked, we added on the component of students raising pledge money and the Hornet Hustle was born!  In 2010, we raised $12,008 for our school.  We knew we wanted to grow the race, but we also faced a big obstacle.  Our school district added a third elementary school and when the students were reassigned to three school instead of two our attendance dropped 34% (from 350 students to 230).  How would we raise as much as last year with 34% less students raising pledge money and attending the race?  Numerically, it didn't seem possible.  We resigned ourselves to raising less money and forced ourselves to try to not compare this year's results to last year's.  We just weren't the same school anymore.

Well....the results are in for 2011 and it's nothing short of a miracle!  Seriously, any way you shape it we should have raised significantly less money this year.  But, we didn't!  Thanks to incredible corporate sponsors, a crew of dedicated volunteers, and some AMAZING students, we raised $14,150.00 this year for our elementary school!  That's a 18% increase if I'm doing my math right!  That sure beats selling junk to our family and friends.  I'm sure you all appreciate that too!

A GIANT thank you to everyone who helped us pull this off.  It took a village to do it....but we did it! 

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