Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Pediatrician vs. the Un-Supermom

Am I the only one who doesn't like going to well-child appointments?  No shots were needed today, so for our $20 co-pay (x 2) we just got a couple of the kids weighed and measured and quizzed.  Then I was judged.  I am, of course, not supermom.  Never claimed to be.
The appointment went a little like this...  Yes, I do have the "whole gang" here.  Why does that surprise you every time.  We've been coming for 4 1/2 years now.  What would I do with them, leave them at home?  Yes, we do all have to squeeze in.  I've been doing this a while now, I'm used to it.  (Why don't pediatricians at least have one family-size office.  We don't all have 2.1 kids). No, I don't really care that a limb blew down from your tree last night and that you saw some movie last week that I haven't heard of. Why are you talking to me? You are a pediatrician, you should be talking to the kids!

Yes, my 8 year-old is a picky eater.  No, she doesn't really eat meat (and yes, I know chicken mcnuggets probably don't count as meat).  Nope, she doesn't eat beans either. Yes, I realize you can't be a vegetarian unless you eat a lot of vegetables.  Is there a catchy title for kids who eat a lot of pb&j, pasta, fruit and salad?   Yes, I know, it's not perfect or ideal, but the kid is healthy so at this point it's not going to be a battle for me.  I've tried battling.  The kid won't eat the stuff. 

Yes, my 3 year-old is not potty trained.  Yes, I know you wanted me to do that at 18 months.  Get real.  He is indeed old enough, and I will do it.  Soon, just not today.  Yes, he does still sleep 3-4 hours every day, and a good 11 hours at night. Some kids like sleep.  I know I do!  I don't think it's that crazy. 

Fun times!  Maybe it's just me...or maybe it's just my doctor who I have not particularly liked for the last 4 1/2 years.  But, it's not easy to change doctors.  The paperwork involved with insurance is a nightmare.  So, for now, I just keep with the status quo.   I dread the appointments because I know she's going to tell me exactly how I'm not a supermom.  But seriously, who is?  Having four healthy kids is nothing short of some type of super-status don't you think?

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