Monday, August 1, 2011

Watch out world...he's got his own set of wheels!

We bought Sam a bike several months ago.  Probably in March or April.  Shortly after we took him out to give it a try and he really seemed to enjoy it, but never took off on his own.  Daddy had a sore back!  He did, at one point, look at me and say, "I. Am. Speed!"  Of course, it's a Lightening McQueen bike with matching helmet and knee pads. 

After that when we'd go on our regular family walks, I'd ask him if he wanted to ride it and he always said no so I'd just put him in the stroller and off we'd go.  It's been too stinkin' hot to go outside in the evenings for the last month so we haven't been doing many family walks lately.  Friday night it was much cooler -- in the mid 90's (and isn't that sad that the mid 90's felt great!)   I asked Sam if we wanted to try his bike and he was ready.  He's 3 now - such a big boy! 

So we got him ready to go and Chris helped him get started.  There was a lot of coaching involved, "peddle, peddle, peddle."  A lot of getting his feet to stay on the peddles and then working on continually moving his little legs.  But off we went.  By the time we were down the street a ways he took off.  He no longer needed Chris' help and he could even turn in the direction we told him to -- as long as we called it his steering wheel!  Of course, he added his own "race car" engine sound effects to help his motor get going!  His sisters were incredibly proud and the pack even went together for a ride for a little bit.  But it was getting dark and we needed to head in. Every time the girls told him he did great he would just say "thank you" in such a sweet and proud little voice. 

I LOVE this picture!  My little rat pack!  This fall is going to be a lot of fun with all of them moving....I may actually get to get back on my own bike! 


  1. How fun!! I miss our walks around the circle.

  2. Me too! Though we spent most of our time yelling out our crazy bunch to get out of the middle of the road! I'm really hoping for cooler temps so we can get back out there more.