Monday, September 5, 2011

Big changes heading our way.

There are times in your lives where things are just running along smoothly.  Your life is in order and everything seems right in it's place.  And then something happens and it's shaken up.  It might be something good and it might be something bad, but things change and sometimes they change forever.  Sunday was one of those forever changes in the life of our family.

Sunday at church our pastor announced that Chris has accepted the position of Associate Pastor.  This is big.  He's been doing graduate school for his masters in Theology for over a year now and in ten months he'll be done.  But this goes back much further than that.  We can look back now and see a long path that God has been leading Chris down.  Frankly, it's a path that would have scared the bejeebers out of us if someone would have mentioned this ten years ago.  Neither one of us would have believed it!

It started with us finding a great church to attend as a newly engaged couple.  We had wonderful friends that quickly became our "other family."  We got married, had our first two children there, got involved in our first small group and Chris started teaching Sunday School for the first time.  Next we moved to Topeka.  We weren't there that long, but we found a wonderful church home and Chris found some strong Christian mentors in a group of men who met weekly to plan Sunday school lessons together. Another small group and another baby added to our family while there.

Finally we moved to Valley Center and God sent us directly to VCCC. The church was a lot different than what we were used to, but from the very first time we visited we knew, without a doubt, God wanted us there for a reason.  We just weren't sure what that reason was at the time. 

Years have passed and we've gotten involved in many different church ministries.  Then last August God called Chris to start praying for one person every day for a year.  Thus the BLOG was born.  As he started doing this he also heard about a new degree program starting up in Theology.  Within a week had had applied, turned in all the paperwork, ordered books and was starting class.  It was one of those rare moments in life where we can say that God said to do something, and we obeyed immediately.  So cool to see. 

Then last February my Grandfather fell and was hospitalized.  He had good days and bad days, but in the end we knew he wasn't going to be coming home.  I had never really asked him if he believed in Jesus and I had a desperate need to know that I would see him again in heaven.  I didn't have the words, but Chris did.  And I'll be forever grateful that he had the courage to ask my Grandpa that day if he believed in Jesus.  It was such a relief to hear that he did and I knew I'd see him again.  During those days in the hospital Chris was able to pray for Grandpa and before he passed away he told my Grandma and others that he wanted Chris to do his funeral because Chris was his pastor.  It was such an humbling and honoring thing for Chris to do.  Grandpa was the first one to ever say out loud that Chris could be a pastor. 

All this time Chris was doing grad school he never really knew what he was going to do with his degree.  At times he thought about different ministry areas, teaching, or just using it for his own benefit and knowledge.  Then this summer, just a few days before heading out of town on vacation our minister stopped and asked Chris if he would be interested in the position they were creating.  It seemed perfect.  To work as a pastor in your own home church where you already know and love the people!  By the next morning he was able to say without a doubt he wanted to do it.  God called, and he was ready to say yes. 

Finally, Sunday it was announced at church and Chris starts in one week.  We couldn't be more excited...and nervous...and excited...and nervous.  Change is never easy even when it's good.  And going from a reporter to a minister is a good definition of change.  But here we are embracing this change in our lives and looking forward to what God has plannned for us!  Can't wait to keep you updated!

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