Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sometimes I sit and wonder at how God works.  The way he puts certain people in our lives at exactly the right time is such an incredible thing. 

I met Chris my sophomore year in college.  I was briefly dating his roommate's best friend.  We hung out in Chris' room a few times.  He was not your typical college student.  On a Saturday night, he was sitting at his desk reading a book.  I was getting ready for a party.  His impression of me was equally unimpressive and deserved.

Fast forward a year.  I was getting ready to study abroad in England.  There were a dozen or so students from Baker going and Chris was one of those.  I had this ridiculous idea that I was going to marry the person I sat next to on the plane.  It wasn't an idea really - more like an excuse for why I wasn't dating anyone at the time.  But, the idea was there.  I sat down on the plane and who sat next to me?  Chris.  And on the next flight?  Chris.  God was putting someone in my life for a reason.  But I wasn't sure what that reason was.  Over the next 4 months we became best friends.  Eventually we started dating. 

Fast forward 11 years.  Four kids later.  And I still wonder about how God put Chris into my life. Chris and I loved eachother a lot.  Enough to get married.  But I think about it now and wonder at how little we knew.  We've grown SO much in those 11 years.   And our love has grown SO much.  The man that Chris has become - I probably wouldn't have recognized 11 years ago.  And I hope he can say the same about me. 

Chris is a reporter.  He's a managing editor.  He's a freelance writer and photographer.  He's a Sunday School teacher.  He's a father and a husband.  And in his spare time he's a student again.  He wakes up every morning at 5:15am to do his graduate school work in theology while the rest of us sleep. And I wonder what I did to possibly deserve such a great man in my life. 

And right now he's out of state working on a freelance job as he constantly works to find ways so I can stay home with our kids.  And I'm missing him.  And I'm just so thankful for him.  I'm hoping you all have someone so special in your lives.  Isn't God amazing?

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