Friday, October 8, 2010

Confession #3

I bribed my 2nd grader to read to my Kindergartner. 

Anna was absolutely positive that the Book-It program was also a contest to see who could turn in their sheet first.  I couldn't convince her she actually had a month to turn it in.  She wanted to win.  Over the weekend she wanted me to read her 20 books so she could "win."  I read her two books. 

And over a few days, Sophia read her the other 18.  For the final 7, Sophia earned a marble in her jar for every book she read to her sister.  Once the jar is filled up (marbles earned for good behavior, chores, etc.) then they get to go on a date with Mom or Dad.  In my head, I rationalize that it is good reading time for Sophia, good sister time, a good lesson on working towards an end goal, and a really good deal for me.

Am I a bit lazy?  Um, yeah.  But, with four kids, sometimes you have to make choices and you can't do it all.  So, for now, I'm loving that I have another reader in the house!

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  1. I have done that, too. And Kaitlynn has also helped Emma with "math homework" on the computer.