Thursday, October 7, 2010

Confession #2

This summer we were blessed to be able to buy Chris' grandmother's van from her.  Our old van was on it's last leg and her van was nice.  By nice, I mean "special edition" nice.  That means all the features that a mother of four young kids doesn't deserve and probably shouldn't have.  Built in DVD player, stow-in-go seating, leather seats, key less doors.  The list is long. But I am currently addicted to one of the features I never knew I was missing. 

Heated seats.  Seriously.  I had never tried these before.  Last week one night we got in the van and it was pretty chilly outside.  I pushed the button and fell in love!  Now when I get in the car -- and yes, it's been 80 outside -- I put the AC on and the heated seats on.  I make excuses.  My back is a little sore.  Or my legs, or whatever.  Really, I just love how relaxing it is.  I was worn out the other night and sore from exercising and I told Chris what I really wanted to do was just go sit in the van with my heated seats.  I didn't.  But it did cross my mind!  It's something I never knew I was missing, and now hope I don't have to live without.

Life's littlest luxeries are sometimes the best!

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  1. Yeah, I made the mistake of buying a car with all the extras and am, too, addicted. Warm seats in the winter are just about as good as a day on a tropical beach. It makes car shopping expensive when you go to replace it though! :)