Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Great Idea...

I get these ideas in my head.  Ideas that, in my head, seem great.  I love doing craft projects with my kids.  I do not love the mess that follows.  Today we went to Micheal's.  Since the kids didn't have school today, I told them we would pick out a fun craft project to do.  I watched two extra kiddos this afternoon and knew I had to be creative to keep them semi-quiet so my little man would take his usual 3-4 hour nap.  Yes, I know how lucky I am! 

I found some unfinished wood jack-o-lanterns that were flat.  I envisioned them painted, sprinkled with glitter and then attached to some wooden yard sign sticks.  Cute little jack-o-lanterns lining my garden. 

I forgot to picture what 6 kids, 1 dog, 1 crazy mom, orange  and brown paint and glitter would look like when we were done.  I was so smart.  I'll do it outside on the back patio.  The mess won't be in my house, it will clean up easily.  Smart. 

I forgot about the wind.  Wind + glitter = a big mess.  I forgot about the kid factor.  Kids can make a mess out of anything.  I forgot when I turn around, they shake the glitter on everything.  In the end, we had six painted jack-o-lanterns and glitter EVERYWHERE!  I mean everywhere.  My entire patio was covered in the stuff.  Somehow my dog was covered in it.  And of course, orange/gold glitter is hard to find, so I had to buy the expensive Martha Stewart (aka fine as dust) glitter.  It doesn't come off.  I hosed down the patio so now our grass sparkles.  But I can't seem to get it off of me.  I need a shower, but have company coming and have a house to clean up.  If they could only see it now.  They might not come over!  

The kids had fun, but I bet I don't use glitter for a while. 

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