Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Minute Out of Your Day

So, I hope you've seen me post on Facebook about the Pepsi Refresh grant program.  If not, then I haven't done my part.  But I'm asking you to consider taking a minute out of your day to vote for the Kyrie Foundation.  There are a ton of great organizations worthy of your vote.  Many of these groups are small groups, where $250,000 would change their organization forever.  Some of them are large national groups that can easily drop $250,000 on a single marketing campaign.  Doesn't really seem fair to be in the same boat.  But, that's the path you take as a smaller foundation.  So.....they need your help.  Vote DAILY.  Like it was your child with brain cancer.  Spread the word to all your friends.  Like it was the little girl next door.  Ask your co-workers to vote.  Like it was your child's best friend.  Together, this is possible.  Please help!

Remember, you can give the group 3 votes per day:

1) Text 103447 to 73774

2) Visit Pepsi Refresh's FB page and click "go to application" to vote.

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