Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Nurse

I'm starting to believe that I should personally be paying at least part of the school nurse's salary.  Sophia is quickly becoming, what I have to assume, her number one patient.  Over the last three years she had many visits to the nurse.  The usual - sick to her stomach.  Last year the nurse told me she would just take Sophia's word that if she felt really sick then she was.  On that day she visited two times, and on the way to her third visit she threw up in the hallway. (Sorry to the custodial staff - they can't possibly pay you enough to do that particular job).  Beyond being sick, Sophia has visited the nurse for at least four loose teeth.  The appeal of the plastic tooth-shaped necklace is hard to pass up!  

Lately, she's been visiting the nurse during playground time.  She is a monkey bars kind-of girl.  Always climbing.  She took a rock climbing class when she had just turned four just because she loved it so much. 

(When she was 4)
But now, as a 2nd grader, she apparently spends a lot of time on the monkey bars at recess because in the last two weeks she has visited the nurse for a sore thumb, a sore bottom, and a blistered hand mostly the results of the monkey bars.

I know I pay my share of taxes into the school district.  But I would like to designate my portion to the school nurse.  She spends a lot of time with my little girl!

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