Saturday, March 31, 2012

"God made me do it..."

Three year-olds.  They're a lot of fun.   Lately, my little guy has become very sneaky.  I've been filling Easter eggs getting them ready for an egg hunt and I left them all in a laundry basket.  Sam secretly pushed the laundry basket into his room, shut the door, sat behind his rocker and ate candy like a mad man. At least he was smart enough to put all is trash in the trash can. 

The next day he snuck his candy bag from Parents' Day Out under his bed for nap time.  I saw it and took it out.  He came out very upset with me and when I asked him why he did it, he said, "God made me do it."  Um, no.  He did not.

This morning, after repeatedly telling him to stay out of the mud out back I saw his smearing mud all over his toys getting himself completely covered in mud.  I asked him why, and again, he said, "God made me do it." 

No, I'm pretty sure he didn't.  We had a nice long talk about how God wants us to obey our parents, not disobey, and when we choose to disobey our parents, we are also disobeying God.  Then Isabella chimed in and said it wasn't God, but actually the devil that makes us disobey.  So, Sam then told me he thought maybe the devil was telling him to do it.   Lovely. 

Guess we're going to have some more talks coming up.  Fun times. 

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