Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Newsboys Concert

Last night Chris and I went to the Newsboys "God's Not Dead" concert.  Very cool.  They were the first Christian concert I went to back in high school.  If you don't count seeing Carmen when I was a kid!  Who else remembers Carmen and his soap opera song?  Good times. 

Our youth group went to the Wichita Cotillion and saw them in concert with DC Talk back in 1994.  Now, I honestly had no idea who they were at the time.  I grew up in Dodge City and we had plenty of country radio stations, but that was about it. For some reason, our youth group got to sit down with the Newsboys and talk to them.  How does that happen?  I have no idea.  Maybe we were just super early sitting around waiting and they humored a bunch of small town kids.  But, how cool was that?  I was, of course, awestruck by the Australian accents, but still had no idea who they really were. 

So, last night we went to the concert.  We were in section 1, row B, seats 10, 11.  Yep, second row!  And, the three seats in front of us were empty.  Why?  I have no idea, but we had a great view!  Here are a couple of my pictures.  Since Chris and I are still a few years back in technology, I have an old cell phone (no Internet) and no zoom on my camera.  So this shows you how close we really were to the band.  

Chris also caught a guitar pick that the guitarist through into the audience.  I didn't see any others thrown, so I think this was the only one.  Awesome!   

What a great evening! 

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