Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Our Easter day was packed.  Completely filled with church and family.  We woke the kids up at 6am.  YIKES!  Who does that?  But Chris was giving the meditation for the outdoor sunrise service.  It was pretty chilly, so we went in jeans, coats and mittens.  As Sam watched his Daddy, he slowly made his way over to him and then held his hand while he preached.  Pretty stinkin' cute!  Too bad I didn't have my regular camera with me, but luckily a friend's cell camera had zoom. 

Then we went home and changed into our Easter outfits and tried to take family pictures.  Why does that never go as easily as you would like?  Four kids looking at the camera, eyes open, smiling.  You'd think you could take one or two pictures and be good.  It never works that way.  But here are a couple of our better shots.

Then we headed back to church for first service, a breakfast, an egg hunt and second service.  

Next on to Grammy's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  Home for a quick nap.  And over to Papa's house for dinner.  The kids were practically asleep while we did prayer time, and as soon as their heads hit their pillows they were out. 

It was a busy day.  Frankly, it was an exhausting day.  But we spent a lot of time with the kids focusing on why we celebrate Easter.  Because it's not about us.  It's not about egg hunts or family dinners or any of that.  It's about Him.  The amazing story of Christmas morning and the birth of that baby in a manger is just the beginning.  You need the rest of the story.  His life.  His love.  His grace.  His forgiveness.  That he would die on the cross for all of us.  That he would rise again, conquering death and that one day he'll stretch out His arms and welcome us into heaven.  WOW!   So, we tried our best not to get caught up in how busy the day was and just focused on Him.  

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