Monday, March 19, 2012

"I'm really not a fashion girl..."

Today I took Sophia shopping.  That's pretty rare since I try to do all my shopping while the girls are at school.  But, she's outgrowing all of her clothes, and while she seems okay with this fact, for some reason I am not.  So, to the store we went. 

Sophia's got a very basic fashion sense.  She'd rather be in jeans and a plain colored shirt than just about anything else.  Make it a white shirt and it's even better.  If you know Chris, you understand -- he's the same way.  No frills, bling, or anything fancy.  As we walked around the store and talked about the different things she liked and disliked, she looked at me and said this...

"Mom, I'm not really a fashion girl.  Most of the girls in my class like fashion clothes and they work really hard to look good because they think it makes them popular.  I just don't really like those clothes, I like things that are just comfortable.  That's what really matters, that I'm comfortable."  I LOVE that she's low maintenance.  That she doesn't get caught up in what the other girls are wearing or brand names or expensive clothes.  I LOVE that!  Because, frankly, in our house and our budget, she'd never be happy.  But sometimes, you find some really adorable clothes out there on sale and she's just not interested in them at all.  Bummer. Luckily, I have two more girls with entirely different fashion senses all together and lots of years ahead of me for shopping with them. 

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  1. I have to say way to go Sophia! One of the things we talked about in the Fashion Class on the womens retreat is who are you trying to impress??? She clearly doesn't care to "impress" her classmates, props to her for that! We also talked about comfort... You can be fashionable but always be comfortable! With that said, jeans and a comfy top, plain or not, is not a bad thing! I love me some plain tops and jeans! Always have, always will!